Friday, April 24, 2009

I purchased this printer off ebay knowing that it was refurbished. It is an all-in-one but not like the great piece it replaced. Unfortunately I had totally worn the other one to the ground. It would barely turn on.
I guess when you can't afford to pay a lot you can't expect the best, but I have been sooo disappointed. It is slow, it uses ink like there is no tomorrow and when I scan to fax the copy is barely legible on the other end. Half the time I have to either email a copy of the fax or worse yet, send a copy by USPS. Well it has been said you get what you pay for.
I desperately need a new printer that will do the things I need it to do without having to double my efforts with email and postal mail.
I am entering the contest to win and if you need a new excellent printer you should enter too. Head over to to win a great new printer from Epson.

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robin_titan said...

bummer. yeah a lot of times one does get what they pay for. good luck getting a working one :)