Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've recently been very frustrated with Google reader. I subscribe to many blogs and enter a lot of the contests. Every day I go to the reader and check for my name. So far it is been great - that is until it failed to show a nice little win from The Mom Buzz. I found it a day late when I cleaned out my old emails one by one. Erin doesn't send reminders and I don't blame her. There are far too many giveaways to keep sending emails when you don't get a response.
My frustration is with the reader. Why didn't it pick up my name when it was posted? Even now when I go back and check again it still isn't picking it up. My guess is that when the winners are listed on the original post reader isn't programmed to re-read the post.
Well, I guess I just can't take any shortcuts. I'll just have to read each and every email whether it looks like a throwaway or not.

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